Make Asian recipes at home by adding a special ingredient to enhance flavor.

Easy Asian Recipes that you Can Make Right Now

This post contains affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more details. Sampling ethnic cuisines have already skyrocketed and so has a new found interest in Asian recipes. When the hotter summer weather calls for lighter, cooling foods, consider giving Asian small plates a try. The season of warm summer nights and bright sunny days …

Netflix classics and new releases for August

Can’t Miss Classic Favorites and New Releases on Netflix this August

August is right around the corner and some Netflix classic movies and newly released shows that are coming your way soon. Perhaps, you’re looking for laughs or maybe a thriller to download. Netflix can give you all the entertainment you need—and for less than the cost of going to the movies. Next month, you can …

Tortilla pizzas for your fiesta

These Fiery Fiesta Recipes Will Spice up Your Next Party

Make your next…or first…fiesta one to remember. Of course, you’ll want to bring out some colorful decor and other festive touches. But seriously, perhaps most importantly, it’s the authentic cuisine and fiesta recipes that will grab your attention first, then the sombreros. You can throw together a fiesta in very little time. Try some no-fail …