Brandy Old Fashioned cocktail.

4 Cocktails Recipes: A Modern Twist on Old Fashioned Drinks

  Cocktail trends come and go. But the one staple that remains a fixture on drink menus two centuries after its invention is the Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned recipes have basically the same ingredients that are mixed today: * Liquor * Sugar * Water * Bitters Traditionally, Bourbon is the spirit of choice for …

Gingerbread men cookies are a staple at Christmas and a family favorite.

6 Holiday Baked Goods You Can Make Now

Nothing signals the holiday season like the sweet and spicy snap of gingerbread.  Peppermint is a favorite too because of its refreshing, sweet taste. And don’t forget about cinnamon—the key ingredient in many baked goods.  If you love baked goods that contain gingerbread, peppermint, and cinnamon flavors…well, I’ve got a few recipes for you try …

Get quick tips to save money while Amazon shopping during the holidays.

6 ways to save on Amazon this holiday season (and into 2019!)

This time of year, family and friends gather to celebrate the holiday season. It’s a joyful time, but it can also be stressful-especially if money is tight. Financial expert and author Eva Macias, who specializes in leveling the financial playing field for all families, regardless of income, says that it’s possible for people to de-stress …

Netflix classics and new releases for August

Can’t Miss Classic Favorites and New Releases on Netflix this August

August is right around the corner and some Netflix classic movies and newly released shows that are coming your way soon. Perhaps, you’re looking for laughs or maybe a thriller to download. Netflix can give you all the entertainment you need—and for less than the cost of going to the movies. Next month, you can …